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“A Christmas Carol” Releasing November 10

“A Christmas Carol” by Chuck Fischer, Paper Engineering by Bruce Foster, will be released November 10 by Little, Brown, who has just posted this beautiful video introduction on YouTube. ¬†Of note, throughout the pop up book, there are mini-booklets that reproduce the entire text of Charles Dickens’ original classic. Also, Chuck and I will be appearing this Saturday, November 6, at Crossroads Gift Shop in Osage, Missouri. If you are in the area, please stop by and introduce yourself! This is a rare opportunity to have your Chuck Fischer/Bruce Foster collaborations signed by the both of us! And how did this happen? Coincidentally, Chuck’s mom and MY mom live only about 30 miles apart there in Missouri! Something that Chuck (at the time in New York) and I (here in Texas) only discovered while working on our second collaboration! It really IS a small world!