Monthly Archives: September 2012

An Educational Pop-Up

Earlier this year I was commissioned to create something new for me…. a pop-up for an actual textbook!  This three part pop-up of the human brain is included with the new edition of Worth Publisher’s The Three-Dimensional Brain by Don and Sandra Hockenbury.  The main pop-up is the brain itself, with special areas identified with a numbered chart. To show the internal structure, one half is made of acetate so the interior is visible.  Also included is a movable slider showing areas deep inside the brain, and a lift up pop-up of the Limbic System of the lower brain.  Illustrations were provided by the very talented medical illustrator, Todd Buck.  Tracey Kuehn of Worth Publishers served as my contact, and expertly oversaw the project.

As part of this project, we had to build a hundred of these pop-ups here in the studio in less than three weeks, while the regular press run was being produced later in China. It would not have been possible without the exceptional assistance of my daughter, Lydia, who worked with me for 10 hour days to get it done!

The Limbic System
Acetate allows a view of the interior
The Human Brain