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Visit to Thailand

RECENTLY I HAD the distinct honor to be invited to visit Thailand by Sirivatana Printing in Bangkok to see the production of my newest book, America’s National Parks.  While it won’t be released until Spring 2013, you can get a brief sneak peek today.   There is so much to share! While Sirivatana is based in Bangkok and the book was printed there, the assembly is actually done at their facility in Laos. But first a very warm thank you to my guide and new and great friend, Fah.  Her guidance and bright sunny smile made the trip especially memorable. Kwan is her supervisor and accompanied us to Laos where we toured the assembly facility in Vientiene, along with some great sightseeing and delicious food!

Mai, Fah and Bruce riding on a Tuk Tuk (motorcycle powered taxi)
Bruce with Noi and Nee
Fah, Kwan, Nee and I before a Buddhist Temple

Noi is holding the Glacier National Park pop up after she had made some adjustments to the construction that I requested. With her is Nee, who oversees the assembly facility. Nee, along with Kwan and Fah, were my guides in Laos. I can’t thank them enough for their warm hospitality and great work on our book.

So lets take a look at the book in progress. While I was there, there was a team of about 35 learning the book so that they could in turn, oversee the many other people who will eventually be hand assembling each spread. When it does reach the floor, each person will be assigned ONE piece only until the book is completed.  Here are some photos of the process. At the end I’m back home and holding a finished copy of the book, showing the Grand Canyon. To see more of my trip, please visit me on my Facebook page….

Each station has boxes with the pieces necessary for that phase of construction.
All these people are learning the steps to assembling the pop up for Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon is almost complete!
Out on the main floor where over a thousand people are assembling a pop-up book.
Back home and holding the completed Grand Canyon spread