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TV Commercial for New Hasbro Pop-Up Game Boards

UPDATE:  Hasbro has been airing a TV commercial for the new line of games in a marketing tie-in with StrideRite. And you can also see this preview from the Hasbro booth at the 2014 Toy Fair in New York.


Continuing my exploration of pop-ups incorporated into game board design, Hasbro invited me to contribute to a line of Disney Princess games loosely based on Candyland. The central piece is the Disney Princess Castle itself. Then add-on games can be added to either side, allowing the game play to move across all three boards, although each side game can be played individually. The first two add-on games feature Rapunzel’s tower from Tangled and Cinderella’s carriage from well, you know…. Coming soon will be two new game boards: The Stonehenge-like setting from Brave, featuring MumBear and Merida, as well as a board featuring the IceCastle of the recent smash, Frozen.

castle box pop up castle tangled carriage