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New Game of Thrones by Matthew Reinhardt Amazes

My friend and colleague, Matthew Reinhardt, has added a new chapter to the pantheon of paper engineering with his new pop-up book with Insight Editions, Game of Thrones. The pops are his usual now-expected over-the-top jaw dropping splendor, but what he has added here literally opens a new way of viewing a pop-up book. Unfolding it in a certain way actually recreates the map seen in the opening credits of HBO’s Game of Thrones….with the pop-ups rising up across the map’s landscape. It is a marvel and an inspiration. But Matthew, along with Manhattan book seller Peter Glassman, in an interview with Studio360’s Sruthi Pinnamaneni, also is sounding the alarm about the dire straits excellent pop-up books now find themselves. Lovers of pop-up books, you have been called to arms! ¬†Watch the trailer for the book, see the image below of the book unfolded into a map of Westeros, listen to the interview itself streamed below, and then ask yourself: Do we really want a near future where books like these will not exist? Support the art form. Buy these books and keep the art form alive….


GoT unfolded