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Pop-Up for Russian TV ad campaign

Working with Milk Agency and AC Production, I was asked to create a single page pop-up for use in an advertising campaign running both print and television. The pop-up is based on a Russian folk tale about the origins of the world: in the beginning the world was borne on the backs of three benevolent whales.  This campaign, for a leading bank in Moscow, was translated into an island featuring pre industrial revolution Russia being borne on the backs of the three benevolent whales. The illustrations were a collaboration between myself, Oleg Oborin and Georgy Safarov of the Milk Agency.

The project was on a tight deadline and fearing that customs would delay shipping a model that I had built, we elected instead for me to send files and step by step video instructions (42!) to AC Production in Moscow, who would then recreate the pop up for use in the photo shoot. And they did a marvelous job with a very difficult piece of engineering!


Снимок экрана 2014-09-16