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Kees Moerbeek, paper engineer heralding from the Netherlands, has created over 50 pop -up books in his career.  True story: When I first became interested in pop-up books, the very first one I ever bought was by Kees: Hot Pursuit. Imagine my delight ten years later when he, along with his charming wife and fellow paper engineer, Carla Dijs, and I met in New York and became friends! In recent years, Kees has designed pop-up book versions of Wicked!, The Neiman Marcus Pop-Up Book, Alfred Hitchcock, the Master of Suspense, and Steven King”s The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. Kees also designs Matchbox Furniture that you have to see to believe!

The newest venture of his is a series of pop-up TV commercials for Pearl Opticiens, known here in America as Pearl Optical. While the language is Dutch, the pops literally speak for themselves. These pop-ups prove that visual communication is effective even if you can’t speak the language!  Enjoy!

The Making of pop-up commercials for Pearl Opticiens

Be sure to see the finished commercials. Links are to the right of the video.




From time to time this website will feature work by other paper engineers.

The first entry on this page is from my new friends in India, award winning book designers, UMS Design Studio. Headed by designer Ulhas Moses, UMS first came to my notice when they contacted me for advice on a pop-up wedding card they had envisioned. With a few words of encouragement, they went on to produce the stunning gold piece seen below.

Ulhas told me, “The card is for a traditional Indian Hindu wedding and the stepped structure is called the ‘Agnikund’ around which the couple take seven rounds reciting the holy vows. On the top is the burning fire. The pop-up is made with golden paper with gold foil stamping and gold printing. The flame has gold sheet foil applied to it to give it luster.”  The card was designed by both Siddharth Kulkarni and Ulhas.

Next they are working on a new project. Below, you can see some early white dummies of the boat and an oasis. UMS does exceptionally beautiful work, utilizing special printing techniques and incredible typography. See more at



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