The world of paper engineering is a small, but friendly and generous one. I’ve been blessed with a growing circle of wonderful friends who also love pop-ups.  Please feel free to visit their sites to learn more about this incredible art form!

Kees Moerbeek has a new website up and running. Kees is a fantastic paper engineer and book artist.

Robert Sabuda is the world’s most famous paper engineer and for good reason! Check out his website:

Matthew Reinhart has been doing some incredible work.

Chuck Fischer and I have been collaborating on books for several years now. He is an outstanding artist and author. We continue to develop books together and have just started our fourth collaboration for a Fall 2010 release. See our Christmas Around the World and In the Beginning elsewhere in this website. Coming Fall 2009: Angels.

David Carter continues an illustrious career with his adventurous and entertaining pop-ups.

Gene Vosough has been a close friend of mine for many years. See his wonderful new line of cards at

Renee Jablow and I have worked together seamlessly on some special projects. Visit her at

The Movable Book Society is an organization of Pop-Up book professionals, collectors and fans. If you are a fan of Pop-up books, this is the place for you!

Ellen Rubin, aka, The Pop-Up Lady, is a very dear friend and an avid collector of new and vintage pop-ups and movables. She has an incredibly extensive library as seen in her interview here.

Please visit Joyce Aysta at Live Your Dream Designs to see some AMAZING pop up cards she calls Origami Architecture. She’s even available to do a custom design for you!

Mark Mitchell is a teacher and illustrator. He hosts a terrific blog about children’s book illustrating and is a great resource for those wanting to enter the field.

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