Monthly Archives: December 2009

David Carter, Featured Guest on Martha Stewart

Last week, my friend and fellow paper engineer, David Carter, paid a visit to the studios of Martha Stewart. David spoke briefly about his new award winning book, White Noise, before leading the TV audience through his design for a pop-up tabletop Christmas Tree. Congratulations, David, on White Noise being named a New York Times Best Illustrated Book! You can download the templates with instructions, and view David’s appearance on Martha (click here) as well as visit David at his own website,

Great interview with Chuck Fischer

December 6, Kaye Guno Cloutman of The Sacramento Book Review interviewed Chuck on his career, how he came to author pop-up books and in particular, this season’s pop-up book, Angels. This is a very in depth and insightful discussion and includes a review of the book as well. Listen to this interesting audio blog to learn more about Chuck and our latest book collaboration as well as some tidbits about our next projects together…

Also, the auction for the Hibiscus Children’s Center has been completed and Chuck’s pop-up book signed by none other than President Obama himself, The White House (designed in¬†collaboration with paper engineer David Hawcock), ¬†brought the evening’s highest bid: a whopping $6500! Congratulations to Chuck, and especially the recipients of the auction proceeds, The Hibiscus Children’s Center, which earned $34,000 during the live auction and more in other bidding.