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End of 2016 releases

December 2016 saw the release of two new pop up projects from my studio: a 12 month spiral bound movable 2017 calendar for Sophos Software and a custom Christmas card for the Vague Family in Philadelphia, PA.

Working closely with Tyler McKellar of Rifle Agency, located in the shadows of the Grand Tetons, Idaho, we created a 12 month calendar commemorating a comical day in the life of an IT professional. Tyler provided both the creative direction and comic sensibilities while I created the illustrations (loosely inspired by a previous animated project by Rifle Agency for Sophos) as well as the paper engineering. For each month there is a comical scene illustrating the trials of being an IT professional inside a corporate environment and on the flip side, a calendar, complete with a satirical commentary for the month. The calendar was so popular that Sophos immediately commissioned versions translated into Chinese and Japanese for its Asian markets.

Sophos Calendar
Sophos Calendar


Sample example: Pulling a tab causes the sleeping IT professional to flip upward revealing a new scene:wakey-awake-flip

The second release mentioned above was an elaborate pop up Christmas card for the Vague Family commissioned by the Brownstein Group, an advertising agency based in Philadelphia. Setting the card at a favorite holiday destination of the Vague Family, the card features the Sforza Castle near Milan, Italy complete with holiday booths. There is an inset pop up of the actual Sforza family, gathered to sing Christmas carols. Produced in conjunction with Structural Graphics, 600 cards were created at the same SG facility in Mexico that produced the Pier 1 Catalog a year earlier.