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Movable Stationery, the newsletter of The Movable Book Society, has a new Editor-in-Chief and Art Director: This Guy.

Pictured above: Issue 1 of the new edition. Click this image to visit issue 2.

For nearly 30 years, Movable Stationery has been lovingly shepherded by the founder of The Movable Book Society, Ann Montanaro Staples. At the last biennial conference in 2018 in Kansas City, Ann announced her well deserved retirement. In the following months a search for her successor as Editor was initiated. While at that conference, it was my honor to serve as the 25th anniversary Keynote speaker. It was such a wonderful experience and I met so many new young and talented paper engineers (see the entry below about the A to Z book!) and reunited with old friends, that I just had to toss my hat into that ring. My history as both paper engineer and art director have given me some useful skills and perspective gained through years of experience.

It was a daunting task to continue on the path that Ann had painstakingly eaked out. But I was grateful to be supported by Ann, Ellen (The PopUp Lady, herself!), all the members of the MBS board, but most of all, the MBS director, Shawn Sheehy. He has been absolutely indispensable in his support and assistance.

Since then we have published two issues and another soon to be released. This newsletter is a benefit of membership with the MBS, so normally and understandably, distributed to only those members. Taking the newsletter online, however, has provided some fantastic new opportunities with the tools available: more space for larger photography, hyperlinks that do not have to be typed as before, and movie clips as well. But again, this being a benefit of membership, it is restricted to just those members. However, we are having so much fun with this, that this month we have opened the pages of our newsletter to everyone who is a fan of movable books, members and the curious alike — and invite all to explore how Movable Stationery can keep you informed on the world of movable books. If you like what you see, please…spread the word and share the link to this issue. More importantly, consider joining us on a regular basis. For a small annual contribution of only $32, or $37 outside the US, you will receive all the benefits of membership, including access to future issues of this newsletter. Become a member at

And Ann, thank you one more time for your vision to create this community of movable book lovers and the fortitude to will it all into being. Enjoy your continuing adventures!

The Pop-Up Book of Westerly, Rhode Island

Released in December 2019, The Pop-Up Book of Westerly, Rhode Island was commissioned by The Ocean Community Chamber Foundation as a non-profit special project to celebrate the history, culture and landmarks of Westerly’s vibrant, charming seaside community during its 350th year. 100% of its profits support charitable endeavors and revitalization efforts.

My partners on this book were the force of nature herself, Lisa Konicki, with charming illustrations by Lisa Szaro. I traveled to Westerly for its release and was awestruck by the entire experience. Westerly is almost romantic its seaside ambiance, rich history (350 years worth!) and I was lucky enough to stay at The Ocean House, probably the nicest place I’ve ever vacationed. If you come to Westerly (and please do!), try to stay there at least one night. You won’t regret the luxurious and personal care you will receive.

I would like to note that this book was inspired by a book created by the late Roger Culbertson, a well known and well liked paper engineer whom I sadly never had the pleasure of meeting.

Currently underway is a followup companion book for the neighboring town of Stonington. This time the illustrator is Stonington legend, Susan Pfeifer Scala. Our goal is to have this book in hand by late August of this year. I will post updates when I can!