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Energetic, Entertaining,

I love to introduce audiences of ALL ages to the Magic and Math of Pop-Ups. But especially  elementary age students.  In the school year of 2018-2019 my presentation was requested
by librarians over 175 times.


Presentations Tailored to All Age Groups

Utilizing a fast-paced mixture of multi-media, hands-on demonstrations, show-and-tell, and
group participation, I keep the audience
attentive and happily responsive whether
they are fifth grade, first grade, or adult.

"I don't let a year go by without having
Bruce Foster's presentation at my school.
The kids
and teachers both LOVE learning
about the art of paper engineering! He has
such a winning way with the students!" 
---Tracey Sanders,
Tomball Elementary School Librarian

Bruce was a polished presenter who deftly
handled our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders. His
highly engaging topic of the physics and publication of pop-up books was well
received by both students and teachers
alike! I highly recommend [him] for any
school library presentation, as well as a
great author to have visit a science, STEM
or math group! ---Josephine Stringer,
Pine Shadows Elementary, Houston


Details of Scheduling

Presentations are 45 minutes each, 30 minutes for K-1. Four sessions available per day. Each session is $275. K-1 is $150. There is a two session minimum. Presentations require a projector, with speaker if available. If in a large space, like gym or cafeteria, a lapel mic is required. Workshops for up to 25 are possible, 90 minutes each for $400.

For locations outside the Houston area sessions are $300 each and travel expenses should be included. I encourage schools to group a visit on consecutive days in the same week for best rates and sharing of those expenses.

Zoom presentations are also available if in-person sessions are not possible. Please call to discuss if that is the case.

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