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Hand made pop-ups for The University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital

Earlier this year I was contacted by DeNovo Alternate Marketing in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to design three pop-ups that would eventually be included in a special printing of gift books memorializing the development of the incredible new children’s hospital. This series of pops were titled From Dream to Reality, chronicling the development, construction and opening of The University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids. Working closely with DeNovo’s Chris Moore, CedarGraphic’s Chris LaBarr, and with illustrations by Steve Penberthy I created a pop of a drafting table, the building under construction, and the finished hospital. Each copy of the 106 books were personalized to a particular person or persons. As part of this effort, I agreed to also hand assemble each pop from die cut pieces supplied by Cedar Graphics and eventually to insert them into the finished books. The assembly for each book took a full hour once the minutes were tabulated. So that meant 106+ total hours. However, the process of producing these books required many many revisions and coordination. In the end, it was necessary to condense all that assembly time into a two week period, requiring an around the clock effort to make the looming deadline. Here are a few photos of the process.

New this Fall! Best selling Love You Forever gains a whole new dimension!

Firefly Books, in an ad wrapping the May 1 issue of Publishers Weekly, has announced the upcoming September release of the perennially best selling, Love You Forever, the Pop-Up Edition. Originally published in 1995, the beloved story by Robert Munsch, illustrated by Sheila McGraw, is now reimagined as a three dimensional, interactive pop up book by Bruce Foster. Adapting Sheila’s original illustrations to work as pop ups and movable, pull tab pop ups, Bruce has added a poignant new layer to the already deeply emotional tale of a parent’s love for his/her child.

LYF cover

End of 2016 releases

December 2016 saw the release of two new pop up projects from my studio: a 12 month spiral bound movable 2017 calendar for Sophos Software and a custom Christmas card for the Vague Family in Philadelphia, PA.

Working closely with Tyler McKellar of Rifle Agency, located in the shadows of the Grand Tetons, Idaho, we created a 12 month calendar commemorating a comical day in the life of an IT professional. Tyler provided both the creative direction and comic sensibilities while I created the illustrations (loosely inspired by a previous animated project by Rifle Agency for Sophos) as well as the paper engineering. For each month there is a comical scene illustrating the trials of being an IT professional inside a corporate environment and on the flip side, a calendar, complete with a satirical commentary for the month. The calendar was so popular that Sophos immediately commissioned versions translated into Chinese and Japanese for its Asian markets.

Sophos Calendar
Sophos Calendar


Sample example: Pulling a tab causes the sleeping IT professional to flip upward revealing a new scene:wakey-awake-flip

The second release mentioned above was an elaborate pop up Christmas card for the Vague Family commissioned by the Brownstein Group, an advertising agency based in Philadelphia. Setting the card at a favorite holiday destination of the Vague Family, the card features the Sforza Castle near Milan, Italy complete with holiday booths. There is an inset pop up of the actual Sforza family, gathered to sing Christmas carols. Produced in conjunction with Structural Graphics, 600 cards were created at the same SG facility in Mexico that produced the Pier 1 Catalog a year earlier.



Pier 1 Pop-Up Catalog to Appear in Print Magazine’s Regional Design Annual

I am pleased to announce that the Pier 1 Limited Edition Pop-Up Holiday Catalog has been selected as a winner in the 2016 Print Regional Design Annual! Winning entries will be featured in the Winter Issue, shipping December 21 and will be celebrated on the Regional Design Annual website. Visit Print Magazine, listed at 26 on the page. Also Structural Graphics produced a short video about their production of the catalog on their website.

This very special and one-of-a-kind catalog would not have been possible without the support of MBooth‘s Jamie Evans, the creative staff at Pier 1 (Nancy Binger, LouAnn Kleiman, Jennifer Engstrand, Holly Bujarski, Oscar Torres, Claire Browning, Melissa Simon, Paula Rusk, Kristin Bazan, and Nicole Miller) and my wonderful associates at Structural Graphics (Ethan Goller, Alex Bates, Karen Petrullo, Gustavo Gutierrez and all the hard working assemblers at the SG facility in Mexico).

This award is for each and every one of you.


Pier 1 Limited Edition Pop-up Catalog

Recently I was asked by M Booth Agency in New York to create a limited edition pop-up holiday catalog for Pier 1. The book was produced by Structural Graphics, and printed by Blanks Printing in Dallas.

HFN magazine also ran a story November 30 about the new pop-up Pier 1 holiday catalog.

Click the link below to see Pier 1’s Facebook page and a movie of the book! Only 3000 copies were produced so I’m very sad to say copies are not available for fans of pop-ups unless you are on Pier 1’s special mailing list.

 pier1 splash page

Pier 1 Christmas Pop-Up StorybookTake a peek at our first-ever holiday pop-up catalog + see the life-size version in SoHo Dec. 2-6! #Pier1PopUp

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Build Your Own Minions!

It’s been somewhat of a quiet year for the most part. Lots of small projects, promises of some larger ones, some that have progressed, some that have stalled or even been canceled. But today I plan to begin posting a series of announcements about a few of these. Come back soon for more!buildaminionlo copy

First up:  Build Your Own Minions! is being released mid-September.  This is a paper craft project I designed last year with Little, Brown, and Co.  Build Your Own Minions is a collection of pre-cut, pre-scored, punch-out, easy-to-build set of Minions from the summer hit, of course: Minions. Along with a story by Brandon T. Snider, author and comedy writer for Amy Schumer, here you will have over 25 minions in their evolution through time from hapless cro-minions to hapless modern side kicks as they search for Bosses to assist. Illustrations began as mine but were refined and detailed by Minion expert, Sean Millard. You will be able to populate your favorite shelf with Egyptian minions, vampire minions and even a minion riding a corgie (among many many others!)


White House Pop-Up Book Releasing Soon

This past year, Chuck Fischer and I collaborated on our fifth project together.

The White House Pop-Up
The White House Pop-Up

Commissioned by the White House Historical Association, this fully popped replica of the White House includes pop-up movable furniture, and even Air Force One helicopter PLUS a booklet with a fascinating, illustrated history of the White House.

Available exclusively through the WHHA website:

School Visits Inspire Student Pop-Ups

One of the great pleasures of my vocation are the opportunities to visit schools across Texas, introducing new generations to the magic of paper engineering. As part of the presentation I show the students how they can begin to build skills in creating their own pops. Afterward, librarians and teachers sometimes share with me the results of this new found passion in these students. For instance, Abby McGown at Hamilton Elementary shared this pop up with me that she created following my recent visit there. Thank you, Abby! Nice job! Glad you enjoyed the visit too! (Click on photo to see it enlarged). I also plan to post images of other pop-ups created by students from time to time, so maybe you will see YOUR work posted here sometime!

Abby McGown-Hamilton

Pop-Up for Russian TV ad campaign

Working with Milk Agency and AC Production, I was asked to create a single page pop-up for use in an advertising campaign running both print and television. The pop-up is based on a Russian folk tale about the origins of the world: in the beginning the world was borne on the backs of three benevolent whales.  This campaign, for a leading bank in Moscow, was translated into an island featuring pre industrial revolution Russia being borne on the backs of the three benevolent whales. The illustrations were a collaboration between myself, Oleg Oborin and Georgy Safarov of the Milk Agency.

The project was on a tight deadline and fearing that customs would delay shipping a model that I had built, we elected instead for me to send files and step by step video instructions (42!) to AC Production in Moscow, who would then recreate the pop up for use in the photo shoot. And they did a marvelous job with a very difficult piece of engineering!


Снимок экрана 2014-09-16