Best Friends pop-up workshop

print dog and cat.pdf

Click on the link to download and print your pdf. You will need two sheets of 8.5 x 11 cover weight paper to print the pop up. Cut out your four pieces and the two covers along the red outer lines. Do NOT cut any dotted line.

  1. Score each dotted line. Try to be exactly ON the dotted lines when placing your score tool.
  2. Bend down the tab on the dark dog’s ear, glue and place to the A shape on the card.
  3. Bend the dog into shape, paying attention to the Mountain and Valley folds. Glue the backside of the Dog’s feet. Not too much! Just enough to smooth the glue out TO and not beyond the folded lines. When gluing this pop, all elements should be flat to the table. The pop up will form later!
  4. Place the dog’s feet onto the B and C shapes on the card. The dog’s middle dotted line should line up EXACTLY with the fold in the card.
  5. When placed, the dog will be flattened. Press and hold a moment.
  6. Insert the orange dog ear into the slit, bending the tab downward.
  7. Glue the bent tab and flatten the pop again, holding to dry
  8. Bend tabs on cat, glue backside of cats feet as before with dog, place onto the D shape
  9. Glue tab on top of cat’s back, allowing orange dog ear to glue down to the cat with all pieces flattened.
  10. Carefully fold the card. Open to see the pop up!