Sammy’s Suitcase

Sammy’s Suitcase, copyright 2008 Robin Corey Books (Random House), by Lisa Rojany Buccieri, illustrated by Sachiko Yoshikawa

No matter what, Sammy’s suitcase always comes to the rescue! It seems to be infinitely versatile. Whatever the dilemma while on a solo train trip (older cousin Max is asleep until the very last page), Sammy unfailingly trusts that when the suitcase is opened it will hold the solution. It is a virtual wallet; a small kitchen; a toolbox; a moo-catcher; an automated cleaning crew; and finally an auto repair shop. I just want to know where Sammy GOT this miraculous suitcase! Prequel, anyone?

And did I mention that the book cleverly is fitted with its own handle, just right for small hands?

Lisa Rojany Buccieri is more, much more than a talented children’s author. She also has a company that specializes in advising aspiring authors and assisting them in preparing their manuscripts for successful presentation and publication. And if that isn’t enough, she also packages books and designs Toy Books!

Sachiko Yoshikawa has a delightful child-like illustration style. Colorful, loose, and full of smiling faces that children love without hesitation! And she was such a pleasure to collaborate with! Her enthusiasm is just like her art: bright, cheerful and above all else, playful. 

Robin Corey is, in my opinion, quite simply a legend and one of the main reasons that pop-ups are so popular today. While at Simon and Schuster she recognized the potential of a young artist named Robert Sabuda and thus helped launch the third Golden Age of Pop-Ups! And she was also the first publisher in New York to give me a break into the field with Marjorie Priceman’s Little Red Riding Hood, and later with Princess and the Pea, Bee Mine, Up All Night, and Creepy Crawly Colors. Now at Random House with her own imprint, Robin Corey Books, Robin continues her support of this art form.

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