Wow! The Pop-Up Book of Sports

Sports Illustrated Kids commissioned me to create a pop-up collection of great sports moments using photography in their archives. We began by discussing a list of great, recent sports moments that spanned major sports: football, baseball, skateboarding, swimming, surfing, snowboarding, gymnastics, car racing, and others. And then they provided me with a group of photographs in their archives for each moment. I studied those and advised them on which ones would make the best pops. The list changed and evolved as we worked on this.

Eventually the list was finalized and the book completed. Sports Illustrated Kids’ staff members did the retouching of the photographs to my specifications (a difficult and thankless task!) and also provided the incredibly rich and informative text and graphics on each spread.

This was one of my favorite assignments ever. The team at SIK were absolutely delightful to work with.

Now that the book is being released, we have begun to see it appear on different television stations. Here are some links to clips that I know of. I’ll post more if I see them. But first, here is a Youtube peek at the book including a couple of my early dummies as well as a glimpse at a nesting sheet prior to being cut out:

Pop up Book of Sports Youtube

CBS interview with Bob Der

Tom Hoffarth wrote a review last Fall for Wow! The Pop Up Book of Sports and then contacted me for a followup interview. He has posted that interview now. You can read it here:

Wow cont A Bruce Foster QandA Farther Off the Wall

The original review can be found here.

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