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You can contact Bruce in Houston:
+1 832-594-8939

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  1. Hi Bruce, I am a passionate pop-ups collector, an admirer of your work, most pieces collected at this point. I recently watched your instructional video, most interesting, and thanks for reminding us all to handle these books while wearing gloves.

    I wondered if you ever travel to NYC, and, if so, if there might be some opportunity to get my copies signed. My husband, at first skeptical about this passion/obsession/collection, enrolled me in the Movable Books Society this year. Might you be attending that in Philadelphia in Sept.? Thanks so much, Linda

  2. I have a passion for your work. Have you ever done anything in Brazil about our fauna and flora. Would you have interest in developing your artwork here with our nature themes. Sorry my interrogative key is not working.
    Luiz F Kumpel

  3. Hello, Luiz. My, Brazilians must like pop-ups! I’ve received suggestions from several for architecture in addition to yours. These seem to be great ideas. However, I must keep an eye on what the market will bear. Will a publisher support the work? Will it sell beyond borders? I wish I could be more positive but I definitely will keep the idea for future possibilities! Thank you. Bruce

  4. HI
    Im Tina,it is a really amazing artist work. Did design book and sell it. Cos I have a book want to design, which should be a pop-up book. Thats book is a gift for a leader which from usa , and he will leaving away china and go back usa at 06.08.2016. so we want to design pop-up for him. If that is possible to make , could u send me a email and talk about the details.Thank you so much, have a nice day.

  5. Hello, Tina. Thank you for your kind comments. It is possible to commission a book, but it does take some time. If you are talking about a single pop up, perhaps. Are you in China? My printers are based in Hong Kong, so perhaps we can do something. My direct email is Contact me through that if you want to pursue this. Tell me more about what you want, do you need only one pop up for a gift for him? or do you want to produce many? Tell me as much as you can and I will advise you accordingly. Best wishes, Bruce
    In response to your other query, I have some books for sale: Harry Potter, Sports Illustrated, Puff the Magic Dragon, America’s National Parks. Would you be interested in any of those?

  6. Hi, Susan.
    Sorry for the delay, but I just found your email request. My address is 14126 Saddlebend Drive, Houston, TX 77070. Jennifer Furr has it as well.
    Hope this finds you well! I had a great time at All Saints.

  7. Hi, Linda.

    I’m pleased to tell you that I will be the Keynote speaker at the 2018 Movable Book Society conference in Kansas City, MO. Hope to meet your there!

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