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Summer 2010. I was approached by Curran & Connors to assist them in preparing a pop-up centerpiece for their leather-bound folder for Dreamworks Animations. The idea was to have characters from their six animated properties populating the studio’s campus. We see glimpses of the lovely site through the double arched gateway with Shrek himself welcoming us in while characters from the movies peek out of the pop or soar above the campus.  The pop-up rises 14 full inches. There is a Flash drive “key” embedded into the foreground of the pop.

Unfortunately, though, for my collector friends out there, no more than a dozen of these pop-ups were created for the presentation. 🙁  I wish it were possible for all of you to obtain this delightful pop-up!




IN 2007 I was approached to design the pop-ups seen in the Disney movie, Enchanted. After receiving  a storyboard, the movie’s visual standards, and reference materials from the studios of director Kevin Lima, I designed the white dummies for the three components of the opening sequence: the castle, the queen’s window, and the introduction of Prince Edward. Working with art director Lisa Keene and director Kevin Lima, the dummies were filmed and painted by Lisa before being sent to WETA (the CGI firm responsible for the special effects in the Lord of the Rings movies). WETA then animated the dummies, duplicating the motions and physics of the physical paper dummies.

Later the scope of the project was expanded to also include pop-ups throughout the last four minutes of the film. These were even more difficult because existing live footage as well as painstaking complex animation had to be used as the basis of the new pop-ups. I created dummies for these scenes after Lisa and I identified the best spots to freeze or start the transition to pop-ups. These sequences were converted to CGI by the special effects team at ReelFX in Dallas.

Speaking of ReelFX, we were reunited in 2008 by WaltDisneyWorld’s Yellow Shoes Creative to create a television pop-up spot for the holiday season that aired in Florida. I’ll post a visual or a video of that spot soon.

My first experience with TV and Film using pop-ups came in 2006 when Motion Graphics in Los Angeles asked me to create a design for a pop-up castle that could be used in a 60 second spot for McDonald’s USA. Called “Dreams” it shows a young boy in a soap box derby flying down the street, when a castle pops up out of the ground while his car sprouts wings and he enters a make-believe realm. At the end, he “wins” a Gold medal while McDonald’s announces it is a proud partner of the US Olympic Team.

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