Thank you to The Public Library of Cincinnati and of course, Carolyn Hughes

I’d like to thank all the great folks at The Public Library of Cincinnati and of course, Carolyn Hughes, for the fabulous reception my wife, Lori, and I were given this past week. The library is exhibiting 115 books from Mrs. Hughes’ collection, which is a very impressive number of books to display, believe me! There were over 325 guests present as I presented a look behind the curtain of how pop up books are created as well as a peek into my new work, including my upcoming fall releases of “A Christmas Carol” (with author/illustrator Chuck Fischer) and “Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Book” with Andrew Williamson, of Leavesdon Studios in London, illustrating. I’ve posted photos from the exhibition here. In the meantime┬áthank you all again for inviting me to present. I had an absolutely marvelous time sharing my work and experiences with you!kiosk

4 thoughts on “Thank you to The Public Library of Cincinnati and of course, Carolyn Hughes

  1. My son (Logan), daughter (Monica), and nephew were in the photo of the “future paper engineers” from Cincinnati Public Library. They were so excited to have met you, Bruce Foster. My son creates all types of objects and ideas out of tape and paper on a daily basis! You have inspired him even more. He was delighted to know there is an actual professional “Paper Engineer”. Thanks for taking your time to visit our city and share your talents with my future paper engineers!

    Elaine Arnett

  2. Hello, Mrs. Arnett.

    I was delighted to meet such a young and dedicated paper artist. As an added bonus, Logan and I wear the same glasses! Ha!
    Do you mind if I include their names in the caption?

  3. Yes, he thought having the same glasses as you was really ‘cool’. I do not mind if you include their names. He would be delighted to see it. I look forward to seeing your future projects. Thank you for sharing your talents!

  4. Thank you, Elaine. I really enjoyed sharing my work with all of you in Cincinnati. I love what I do and appreciate those out there who respond to it. Tell Logan to keep up the good work! I expect to see his creations some day!
    I’m adding their names in a moment. You may have to hit refresh to see it update.

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