The Pop-Up Book of Westerly, Rhode Island

Released in December 2019, The Pop-Up Book of Westerly, Rhode Island was commissioned by The Ocean Community Chamber Foundation as a non-profit special project to celebrate the history, culture and landmarks of Westerly’s vibrant, charming seaside community during its 350th year. 100% of its profits support charitable endeavors and revitalization efforts.

My partners on this book were the force of nature herself, Lisa Konicki, with charming illustrations by Lisa Szaro. I traveled to Westerly for its release and was awestruck by the entire experience. Westerly is almost romantic its seaside ambiance, rich history (350 years worth!) and I was lucky enough to stay at The Ocean House, probably the nicest place I’ve ever vacationed. If you come to Westerly (and please do!), try to stay there at least one night. You won’t regret the luxurious and personal care you will receive.

I would like to note that this book was inspired by a book created by the late Roger Culbertson, a well known and well liked paper engineer whom I sadly never had the pleasure of meeting.

Currently underway is a followup companion book for the neighboring town of Stonington. This time the illustrator is Stonington legend, Susan Pfeifer Scala. Our goal is to have this book in hand by late August of this year. I will post updates when I can!

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